Transfagarasan tour

Brasov – Vidraru – Poienari Fortress – Lake Balea – Transfagarasan – Brasov

To discover the Transfagarasan road with its unforgettable scenery is indeed an adventure, especially for those daredevils who wish to reach peaks once untouched but by chamois and golden eagles.

Poienari Fortress - built by Negru Voda in the 14th century to serve as vantage and defense point, this fortress is connected to the ruler Vlad the Impeller. Legends say that during the Turkish invasions, it would have served as refuge to the ruler, this explaining the presence of spikes; the fortress is the perfect place to go on a search for Dracula.

Lake Vidraru - the most spectacular reservoir lake in Romania with a total area of 893 hectares (length – 10,3 km, maximum width – 2,2 km), lake Vidraru was specially created for electricity production, irrigations and to prevent flooding. The tale of the Vidraru Dam construction begins in 1960 and lasts for about 5 and a half years, the works having an unprecedented scope in our country up to that time: 42 km of underground tunnel being dug, 1.768.000 m3 of excavated rock (of which approximately one million underground), 930.000 m3 of concrete (of which 400.000 underground).

Lake Balea - a glacier lake formed in a cirque (a depression surrounded by high mountains) at an altitude of 2040 metres; it lies on an area of 4,6 hectares (the length of the lake is 360 metres) and its depth is of approximately 11 metres.

Transfagarasan - rated by Top Gear as the most spectacular road in the world, the Transfagarasan impresses with its extraordinary scenery, the number of serpentines and the height at which it was built, the Fagaras mountains being the highest in our country; thus, the Transfagarasan reaches altitudes up to 2042 meters at Lake Balea where it starts its descent to Cartisoara village; here, on a 30 km stretch you can enjoy the sight of the road in all its splendor.

Stops for photographs will be made on the road, 2 photographs per person are included in the price of the tour.

1 person: 199 €/pers
2 people:  95€/pers
3 people: 85 €/pers
4 people: 75€/pers
Journey: 366 km
Time: approx. 10-12 hours (Departure: 8:00AM)
2 photographs per person are included in the price of the tour.

* for groups larger than 4 people, the prices are negotiable

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